Handloggers Half Marathon began as an idea sometime during a  trail run back in 2012. The inaugural event was run on Labour Day weekend in 2014.  Just five hardy runners showed up at the start by the ferry dock and set out through Crippen Park towards Killarney Lake, looped around Mount Gardner via the historic and scenic Handloggers Trail and back “Across the Rock” via the Mid Island Trail to Snug Cove.  We had just enough supporters for one aid station at the halfway point where we were revived with fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and water.  – See more at: http://www.bowenislandundercurrent.com/sports/handloggers-half-marathon-double-the-fun-and-a-lot-of-run-1.2038996#sthash.Y5ap5WFd.dpuf

In 2015, things got serious! The 2nd Handloggers Half Marathon Trail Race on September 5 put a real buzz in the air for the 65+ runners and supporters of the event’s “official debut”.  We had a beautiful day of sunshine and perfect conditions on the trails with a glorious finish along the causeway in the Cove with mountain and ocean views.  – See more at: http://www.bowenislandundercurrent.com/sports/65-runners-in-handloggers-half-marathon-1.2068106#sthash.CvRvO4se.dpuf

The fith annual Handloggers Half Marathon is on Saturday, September 1st 2018 starting at 9 am.

This mountain trail run is a challenging 21km counter clockwise loop around Mt. Gardner. The race is a single start event with stopwatch timing. The run begins at 9am and starts/finishes near the ferry dock in Snug Cove, Bowen Island.

Pre-race check in begins at 8am on event day. Runners coming from off island should plan to take the 8am ferry from Horseshoe Bay to ensure adequate time to fill out the waiver form and pick up race numbers.

There will be drinks and snacks available at the finish line, as well as three aid stations on the course.

Information for Relay Teams

A great way to be involved if you can’t imagine doing the run by yourself, create a relay team and select the relay option on the raceroster registration page to sign up your team.

There will be 3 aid stations along the way with food (snacks) and water.

For relay teams the organizers recommend teams of 3 with their transitions at the 5.5 km and 12 km stations;  the third aid station is on private property and cannot be used for relay transition. The 5.5 km station is accessible at the gate on Mount Gardner Hikers Access Road.  The 12 km station is a short walk in to Handloggers Trail from the Laura Road trail head off Bowen Bay Road.  Relay teams should organize their own pick-ups and drops.  Driving directions are provided below

Driving Directions to Aid Station 1 at 5.5 km:

Proceed from ferry dock on Bowen Island Trunk Road 800 m;  turn right on Mount Gardner Road;  Follow Mount Gardner Road for 2.2 km to Hikers Access Trail which will be on your left at a triangle junction.  Walk up Hikers Access Trail 250 m to the gate and the aid station.  Cars may be parked temporarily off to the side of the triangle junction.

Driving Directions to Aid Station 2:  12 km

Proceed from ferry dock on Bowen Island Trunk Road/Grafton Road for 4.5 km; turn right on Adams Road and continue 1.6 km;  turn right on Bowen Bay Road and continue 200 m;  turn right on Westside Road and continue 400 m;  turn left on Laura Road and drive 250 m to the trail head (and parking area).  The Aid Station is located approximately 300 m from the trail head at the junction with Handloggers Trail.

The Handloggers Half Marathon will be raising funds in support of Akili Preparatory School for girls living in the Obunga slums of Kisumu, Kenya and the development, maintenance and support of Bowen Island Trails. All proceeds will be donated to support the operations of the Akili school and to support the activities of the Bowen Island Trail Society.

Angela Huxham has generously provided some photos of the Handloggers route

A few more photos from the trail and Handloggers in 2014… see also the photo gallery for the previous events and a link to our 2017 event video.

Bowen Island-20140101-00603 IMG_20140830_090045 IMG-20140413-00676


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