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Bowen Island Trail Society

Bowen Island has an extensive network of scenic parks and trails on municipal and crown lands.  Handloggers Half Marathon showcases some of the best of Bowen Island’s trails, mountain views, bluffs, single track, and a few burly creek beds too while passing through Crippen Regional Park and much of the Mount Gardner crown reserve.  As avid trail users, the race organizers, volunteers and participants have a vested interest in maintaining and expanding the Island’s trail network for future generations. Handloggers Half Marathon raises funds in support of the Bowen Island Trail Society (BITS) for investment in trail maintenance and development on Bowen Island.  Learn more about BITS at www.bowenislandtrailsociety.ca


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The Handloggers Half Marathon is raising funds in support of Akili Preparatory School for girls living in the Obunga slums of Kisumu, Kenya. All proceeds will be donated to support maintenance and operation of the new school.

This project provide girls a safe place to access a high quality education. The founders, Erick and David, were raised in the slum and returned after university to catalyze change from the inside. They are developing a sustainable, high quality education model to improve gender equality and empower women. This includes employing female teachers, nurturing strong leadership, and character education.

To learn more and to make a donation to Akili Preparatory School, please visit their website.


Alison Osborne from Bowen Island works with school founders David Omondi and Erick Otieno to support construction and operation of the Akili School.



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